Moderated Comments?

Yes, comments are moderated. What this means is that I get an e-mail each time a comment is submitted, and then I approve it to be published.


SPAM and other types of abuse.

I pretty much publish everything, even people who disagree with me, so don't worry about speaking your mind or asking real questions. I welcome and encourage any intelligent and thoughtful discussion.

If you don't want me to publish your comment, and you intend the question for my eyes only, just say so. I'll answer your question in a future post. In the alternative, you can e-mail me directly at

But in short, moderated comments are not intended to control the discussion, only weed out spam and abuse.

Ok, so what is abuse?

  1. Personally attacking others who post comments.
  2. Personally attacking me, but not on the topic at hand. I am fine if you attack my position or want to discuss any information I put out there, even to disagree with me -- but we both know that there is a way to do it that is productive and a way to do it that is not.
As I said, I want to encourage any intelligent and thoughtful discussion, and such discussion doesn't have to be devoid of passion or even profanity. But I think we all know where the lines are.

Thanks for reading.

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