Post 0.5 - Preview! Week of May 9th!

Here is a preview of the posts coming this week...

Monday, May 9th - Food/Cooking/Nutrition
Have you ever ordered a cooking gadget from an infomercial? I have.
Tuesday, May 10th - Politics
I'm putting together a panel - care to jump on board? 
Wednesday, May 11th - Sex & Relationships
The New Itch seems to be coming at 15-25 years in. Why can't people communicate anymore? 
Thursday, May 12th - Life with Pets
Things you should remember when taking your pets on vacation.
Friday, May 13th - Wild Card 
Who do you think you are? I know I'm descended from Ethelric Weld and Eustace DeShelley.
Hope you enjoy these and find them informative!

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