Post 0.3 - Preview! Week of April 25th!

Here are the opening lines to the posts coming next week...

Monday, April 25th - Food/Cooking/Nutrition
Part of the way I have tried to adjust my diet is adding significantly more vegetables. They are a great source of vitamins, minerals, fiber, and texture, and some of the recipes can be heavenly.
Tuesday, April 26th - Politics
So. We don't have money. The government is broke. We have to cut Planned Parenthood, National Public Radio, assistance for low-income and elderly citizens to heat their homes, and Public Television. BUT... 
Wednesday, April 27th - Sex & Relationships
A Facets Reader writes: "Though I consider myself to be a heterosexual man, I think that most everyone is *at least* a little bisexual. And I'm sure that 4 out of 5 psychologists would disagree with my simplistic view, but maybe some people think about/consider/fantasize/act upon those thoughts/feelings/desires more than others..." 
Thursday, April 28th - Life with Pets - Guest Blogger!
The first thing you need to know about owning a cat is that you do not own the cat. The cat owns you. The cat does not adapt to living in your home and to your lifestyle. You change your lifestyle to please the cat.

Friday, April 29th - Wild Card - Reader Suggestion!
A Facets Reader asks: "Do animals have a soul?"

Hope you enjoy these and find them informative!

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