Post 0.1 - Intro!

So, this is an experiment to keep my writing muscles flexed. I had thought about writing a blog about a single, specific topic, but it seems like there is way too much going on in the world and in my own life for that to make a lot of sense. We're all made up of a multiplicity of experiences and have a lot of tasks to juggle, so hopefully, this blog will become a reflection of that.

So here's the idea.

Each day, Monday to Friday, this blog will cover a different topic:

  • Monday - Food, Cooking, Nutrition

    Whether you're trying to lose weight or just eat healthier, there are a lot of challenges to achieving success in today's world. I hope to talk about my own passion for cooking as well as alternative ingredients that can still result in tasty dishes. We'll also talk about food allergies, home gardening, and controversial additives, like high fructose corn syrup, and how to deal with these issues.
  • Tuesday - Politics

    I'll start off by saying, I am a registered Democrat. But you know what? I can also think for myself, and I like to think that I am smart enough and open enough to have a rational discussion about the issues we all share, no matter our political leanings. And it may come as a surprise to you where I actually fall on the conservative side of the argument.
  • Wednesday - Sex & Relationships

    This is what you think it is, and it might get graphic, which is why this blog has that adult warning, but it is intended for grownups. Nobody has a perfect sex life or a perfect relationship, although some people do come close in both areas. And surprisingly, irrespective of your sexual orientation or relationship configuration, we really all do deal with the same kinds of issues. How do I get my partner to communicate better? How do I deal with my in-laws? Why is s/he such an idiot in this particular situation? Maybe I can help, maybe other readers can, or maybe we can point you toward someone else who can give you an answer.
  • Thursday - Life with Pets

    I have a dog, my mother has two more, and I am frequently dealing with all three simultaneously. They each have different temperaments, personalities, dietary needs, and training challenges. I can't imagine life without them, but some days, they can be really frustrating. I hope to talk about animal nutrition, training, and even things like taking pets on vacation. I'll also talk about newsworthy events in the animal rights movement, animal-related legislation, and animal charities.
  • Friday - Wild Card

    This will be an anything day, partly because I can't isolate a fifth topic that will be consistent. It may be a result of e-mails I receive in a given week, or an extra day on a topic discussed previously. It may also just be something out of the blue, so you'll just have to read to find out.
So there you have it - my little experiment. I hope you'll come along for the ride.

To ask a question or suggest a topic, you can contact me at

Thanks in advance for reading!

And since today is Monday, we'll do food starting next week. Tomorrow: Politics!


  1. Firsties!

    I know, I'm way to old to say that, but I've never had a chance to - until now.

    Anyway, I'm looking forward to reading what comes thru and adding my own two cents worth.



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